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Too out a loan set up automatic deduction never heard that i was in default until i received a notice from a lawyer that i am being suied for none payment Add comment

this is one of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Their customer service reps who answer the phone are just plain rude and if you press for them for details on your complaint they just hang up on you. funny how when big companies like this owe you money they will try every avoidance scam they can.I have reported them to the ombudsman so hopefully I will manage to... Read more

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BEWARE! Citi Bank made mistake on my account and says it's my problem and they basically do not care...don't believe their hype about customer service...they were documented wrong (missed one number on my bank account I gave them - who should realize more than a bank that it was missing one number and you would think they would contact me but NO!) and will not deal with it....contacted Shell and... Read more

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I spoke with a guy named Jack he attempted to lie to me that my credit card rate 19.99 is more expensive then his 36 percent rate. He kept saying I know nothing and talked to me like I was a dummy. Said 35 percent is like 16. Went online calculator was a pure lie . Stay way for this jack min guy on cambie. This is not Chinese math Good news I ended up going to my own bank and they explained... Read more

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I have been trying since November 9, 2015 to get a release on a lien I had no knowledge been done on a title with NYS DMV. No documentation can be produced from CitiFinancial even an account number this trailer was put on lien for. I have spoken with multiple personnel in the office at 1-866-519-3723. I have asked to speak with a manager which I never received a call back from for over six... Read more

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I have been harassed buy citi financial had to sell house at loss to get away from them went into for closer twice with them.used 401 k to fend off.wish ther was help to get my 401k money back Add comment

These people are the worst to have to deal with. There customer service sucks ***. It's amazing that people have such an issue with these morons and nothing is being done. They call and harrass you and try to make you feel like total ***. I hate my mother have to deal with them. I am really displeased with the service she received from the *** she spoke with. They will have their *** day!!!!! Read more

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After reading all the reviews I think alot of folks signed their documents without reading/understanding what they are in for. First off company like citi financial are there to help those who have bad credit or need help when the bank refused to help them. I borrowed 5500 6 months ago agreeing to 39% interest, my monthly payments was 189 with only 50 going towards the principal amount. I have a... Read more

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I call my payments in because my husbands' paydate varies. We don't trust the mail system! We used to physically go into a center but they have closed every one in Ga. but the one in Stone Mountain. The last one closed before the end of June with no notice. That was a 30 mile drive one way. My husband doesn't like to pay over internet and will not set up recurring payments. I called the 800... Read more

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Omg worst company I have ever delt with!! I lost my job and with the economy I haven't had any bites for jobs for 9 months!! Trying to explain this to them is like pulling teeth I can't make any payments I'm broke , can't borrow money from anyone very bad situation they harass me constantly looking for cash ! When I have explained I'm doing my best!!!! WORST COMPANY EVER. They are also threatning... Read more

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