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i have been told i am to get a refund on my ppi but i have 2 send a copy of my passport or drivers licence and get it signed by someone high up, i have done this twice now and today 15/05/2016 got a letter saying they need proof once again .cant find a phone number anywere only post box address ,am now sending proof once again to them, with a letter saying am takeing it to my lawer and the papers and omsman if they dont resolve it this time.a... Read more

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I took out a 20,000$ home equity loan with those idiots at sucky financial in 2014.WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!!!Then my wife was working full time and later in 2014 she lost her job so there was only 1 income plus her tiny unemployment cheque so we got behind on payments.Then the calls stated to come in from those *** at the branch.I do understand that the payments have to be made on time,but there are ways to talk to people for that basically... Read more

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My first loan started with cit group...I was informed that the two merged... I still have both list as two different mortgages at they county clerks office...I was informed of this after a title search was done...I have called citifinancial several times and can't get this resolved .They won't give me a lien release or any history on the account.The loans are both paid and are not listed on my credit report...I was informed by customer service... Read more

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I needed help to pay off a personal loan for a credit card. $6,000 is all, well that $6,000 turned into $26,000. I will never recommend CitiFinancial for any sort of load AT ALL. Not to mention the harassment calls everyday on the hour. Not to mention they assure you a payment was cancelled, which wasn't resulting in bank charges. what a joke of a company. how do these people sleep at night? they said it would help my credit, but thankfully it... Read more

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I have my payment set up for automatic draft,i accidentally paid an extra payment last month, do you think they will reimburse me? Of course not that was my mistake,the worse miatake i ever made in my life was getting a loan from citi financial Add comment

One Main killed my sister by saying she was able to work when she wasn't. They stopped making her house payments and while in the hospital she was trying to re modify her loan to save her house. CitiFinancial has not even recognized my sister as being deceased and she passed away May 2015. Long story short Citi financial forgave my sisters loan and one main denied my appeal to pay her payments, I finally got one main to change their decision and... Read more

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Why do these people keep calling every day? Do they not understand the meaning of the word "NO"? We are getting so pissed that these people can not take "NO" for an answer. And better yet, they use different phone numbers to trap you into answering the phone. Nice ploy. But we have ways of blocking your harassing calls. So, I would suggest you stop calling and find someone else to harass. If you keep calling day after day, we will report you to... Read more

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Too out a loan set up automatic deduction never heard that i was in default until i received a notice from a lawyer that i am being suied for none payment Add comment

this is one of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Their customer service reps who answer the phone are just plain rude and if you press for them for details on your complaint they just hang up on you. funny how when big companies like this owe you money they will try every avoidance scam they can.I have reported them to the ombudsman so hopefully I will manage to move forward with getting back what is owed to me.... Read more

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BEWARE! Citi Bank made mistake on my account and says it's my problem and they basically do not care...don't believe their hype about customer service...they were documented wrong (missed one number on my bank account I gave them - who should realize more than a bank that it was missing one number and you would think they would contact me but NO!) and will not deal with it....contacted Shell and Exxon as a shareholder to complain about whom they... Read more

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