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been with the company for well over ten years, credit score just under 800 and they hike my rate up from 5% to 15% and tell me it is because the company is having tough times.Bull ****, they missed managed themselves and lost a loyal costumer.

They would not even give me the same rate I found on their own web site, I was told again the company was going through a tough time and we all have to sacrifice.

They do I don't I know work with Bank America, approved in less then 30 seconds at a decent rate.


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Same thing just happened to my husband & I.We'be had our account for almost 10 years, never late, good credit score, etc.

Our rate jumped from 6.99 to 14.99%...we're transferring all balances to new cards and closing them.

We were told the same thing...everybody's rate is going up.I love how they are getting our taxpayer money AND raising our rates!

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