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I used a car title for collateral on a loan with Citi Financial. I filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy several months after getting the loan due to my wife becoming ill & not being able to work.

I discharged the Bankruptcy early with no setbacks or tardiness whatsoever. After successfully discharging the Chapter 13, I never received my car title back from CF. I have contacted them by phone & mail. Via phone they said they will look into it (2 years ago).

Via mail I never received a response at all. I applied for a lost title with my state but was told there is a lien against the vehicle.

Why won't you return my car title? I completed my obligation, it is your turn to step up & stop your criminal activity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Loan.

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Evansville, Indiana, United States #1276332

I had a loan with CF in 2005. They have a lien on my car and I am trying to get rid of it.

cant do anything since they have a lien on my car. called this week and I am told they no longer have any of my loan information and another company bought my loan and all they had was a name, no address or telephone number. I have gone online with the name they gave me but nothing comes up at all.

if anyone has information they can send to me I would appreciate it. upsgirl351987@yahoo.com


I'm dealing with citi financial for almost four years now they are nothing but crooks


When we filed chapter 7 citi (a rep) told us that the title would be released 30 days after discharge. In addition - when my husband lost his job we renegotiated the loan and were specifically told by the manger of the local office that the van was not being used as collateral and that they would remove the lien.

They never did and they would not release the title to us upon discharge. Now the van is done and there is no way to get rid of it. I would love to leave it in their parking lot but they might charge me with some crime for doing that. They told us they do not want the van nor will they repo it.

They said that if we paid off our loan (that was discharged) they would release the lien. I can get them on that comment - they cannot try to collect on a discharged debt.

So how many people are stuck with vehicles that no longer run because citi doesn't want them and they won't release the liens so we can scrap or sell them for parts?? Our attorney says it is not worth the money he would charge to go after them.

to Anonymous #1379926

i have the same problem. some can repair the car if they wanted to only needs an alternator. but since they have not released the lein i cant sell the car either i have to give to junk yard and they would get a savage title

Rochester, Minnesota, United States #801186

this company is like beneficial loan and thrift. predatory lenders.

applying for the loan was easy and talked to many many people. then tragedy struck and i had to file bankruptcy 13. can't find anyone to answer my questions about this, if i do get someone they don't have an answer and have to call me back (ye$ah right) written responses go unanswered. I modified my bk to include the vehicle-I want them to come and get it out of my drive way-according to the bk lawyer it is their car.

I can't sell it, I cannot take it to the salvage place because they cannot give me any info on the title card or a letter on how to get rid of it. so in my driveway i have a car worth about $400 that needs to be salvaged and or towed away but can't because they won't give me anything to give to the salvage place or junk yard.

i am stuck with this piece of *** in my driveway for 5 years-5 fricken years because they won't take it back....ugh!!!!! asswipes!!!


@Patti Sawyer~is CitiFinancial where the vehicle was financed? If so, I can send you the name of the company & their contact info that they were sold to.

It took me 3 years & finally writing the judge in my BR case to find out about CitiFinancial being sold. If I hadn't written the judge I guess I would have never known about it & would have never been able to get the title. Don't know why this new company never contacted me.

I have not moved or changed my phone #, so it wasn't difficult, they just didn't do it. If I can help send me your email address.

to Roland Greer, South Carolina, United States #1011046

can you send me that information please? I am working on trying to get a title now - same situation. momtoliv@yahoo.com thank you!

to Roland #1097417

Me too. can you please send me into too. kimquist81@gmail.com.

thank you.

to Roland Cary, North Carolina, United States #1311520

Can you send me the contact info as well? jjjsmom@nc.rr.com

to Anonymous #1315034

I need help as well. jason_dahl@outlook.com.@outlook.com


I also have been trying to get a title back for a car my father (who passed away) had purchased for my niece and have done everything they asked including faxing the death certificate for my dad and registration papers on the car. Trying to get anyone at this company to answer a question or your inquiry is impossible.

Still waiting after over a year and no contact from them but I keep trying.

Don't know what else to do. sawyerp1@yahoo.com

to Patti Sawyer #1011051

did you ever get the title? do you still have contact info?

trying to get a clear title from them that was caught up in a bk situation. if you can send any information you have to momtoliv@yahoo.com i would appreciate it.

to Patti Sawyer #1379927

send me info if you get itmy chapetr 7 was in2008. still cant get tile or someone on phone to get anywhere


Finally solved the issue...Citi had sold my accounts receivable to another company, then they sold it to another company. I found all this out by writing the judge in my BR case explaining that I never received my car title.

So, I now have received my car title & sold the car. All is good.


If you filed BK on a secured loan, you dont get to keep the car, that's like going through forclosure and keeping the house - it doesn't work that way. Sorry, but you don't get to keep things you don't pay for.


I am going through the same thing. I simply paid off my car with CITIFINANCIAL and they never sent my title.

I filed for a lost title an can't get one without getting a release of lien letter from CITIFINANCIAL.

I can't get anywhere with them, or any of the other AKA *(&^#$@%* companies they keep sending me to when I call. WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!!!!


@Mary~It is amazing that I also had another car financed at the time I filed bankruptcy. I only had 9 payments left to pay it off.

I had no problem receiving the title for that vehicle. CF are just butth*les!! The debt I had with CF was not forgiven, I paid it through bankruptcy. If they will not willingly return my title, I don't see them signing off on a "lien discharge/satisfied".

I have contacted the judge that handled the case informing him that CF is in violation of the rules & laws of bankruptcy. Have to wait for a reply.


Brian I agree that CF should not want the title since the debt was paid off. The loan was only for one year & bankruptcy was not the issue.

I was merely stating the facts. I'm more perplexed by the fact that they did not return my title than anything. I am aware of the facts regarding Ch. 13 bankruptcy.

Appreciate the info.

When it is time to register my vehicle again & the state sends me a renewal notice, I will go to CF in an attempt to get it signed. Thanks again.

Vasteras, Vastmanlands Lan, Sweden #288207

If you secured your loan, which is why they held your title, they still have a lien on your vehicle. You will recieve your title after your balance is paid in full. Bankruptcy doesnt forgive a secured loan


Brian is correct ask for a lien satisfied.

It has to be notarized and you can get a duplicate of title.

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