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I received my letter yesterday, December 23rd, that my credit limit had been lowered on December 8th and now closed. I had a l4,000 limit and owe 4,000.

In October of last year Bank of America in one phone call lowered my limit from l4,000 to l,000 and I owed $l00.00. Two weeks later NYTimes headline Bank of America was in Trouble. I think this means Citi is in trouble also. In both cases they went from pushing my using my credit line to being hateful as if "I" was the bad guy?

Their response to my phone call yesterday after receiving the letter was "what is it you don't understand"...Wow, what a turn around from just a few weeks ago of "we really appreciate your business, is there anything else we can do for you today?" And this reflects on our credit rating? When BofA did this last year my rating went from 760 to 732 and I only owed $l00.00!! What is going to happen to my rating now? If I am treated like this from my other credit card company I'm going to settle both accounts for less then I owe and set up payments with lower interest!

The criteria for credit rating is not how well you pay but how much trouble "They" are in. We Americans have got to Stand Up to massive Corporations that are ruining our lives and adding to the fall of America itself!

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Boy is Brian ever the company boy!


My "Line of Credit" was closed as well with not even a comment $100. a month and thats all they are getting until its paid. Our system is sadly set up ...not for the consumer but the corporations.


Experience same thing with both Citi and Bank of America. I was told its the economy and it was my problem.


Don't listen to Brian he works for the company!!!


had 15000.00 line of credit, they lowerd it to 5000.00 and then later to 4000.00 and now my account is closed. i owe less than 1500.00.

pay history with citi was and is great, its to bad they are so broke the good customers get bashed.

they need to quit buying million dollar planes for the ceo to fly around in. you all keep your heads up, there is a sliver lining in every cloud.


If your payment is not there on or before due date its $49.00 so my wife and I set it up in June For auto withdrawl from back on the 3rd of month and yet they are still trying to charge us late fees CITIflex or any other citi bank service can not be trusted and are BIG RIP_OFF


Citi Flex is an absolute RIP OFF !!! They charge 49.00 late fee. Their response is we are not a credit card and can charge what we want.


Stay away from this *** !!!

Citiflex will haunt you later on. Believe me.


Wow!I was thinking about opening a line of credit .I now have a change in my decision because it seems it will be too much trouble than its worth. Thanks for the information. :x


Your credit score will not be affected unless you do not pay as required by the terms of your contract. By being the company that granted you the line of the credit they have the right to close the line of credit at any time


tell me about it. Fu#king GTE federal CU tampa, fl closed my line of credit yesteday (12/28/09).

according to the *** loan office they sent me a notice on 12/28/09 informing me that my line of credit would be closed. What kind of notice is that.

tomorrow i plan on calling a manager, this is some BS. I wonder how this will affect my 780 credit score?


I am really worried, as well, regarding what the closure of my Citi Flex line of credit will do to my 745 credit score. I've had this account for three years where my credit limit started out at $15,500.

Over the past year and a half it has been lowered 3 times by more than half of the original amount. I have never had a late payment and I have always paid way more than the minimum.

I am getting married next year and had been planning on using this line of credit to help pay for it but now everything will have to be postponed. This is a horrible way to treat good customers!!!

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