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First off, my payment is due on the 31st. I went to my bank on the 31st to get my truck refinanced, and they had to have a payoff note faxed to them.

So, we called and Citi said it would be faxed within 3 days and still haven't recieved it. Now my payment is late. I've called Citi 5 times over the past 13 days to get them to fax the payoff. Now, customer service won't talk to me (because my payment is 13 days late, because they won't fax the note to my bank as promised).

I conference called today with my loan officer. Citi said we would get the note within 2 days (payoff is now $100 more than it was 13 days ago)and Citi said that she transfered my account to a manager and for my calls to them to stop!!!

What kind of *** is that? All I want is to get my loan refinanced....

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Citifinancial is also informing people that if there payment is not paid on time the next payment automatically becomes due and payable. People need to make sure there note says this, if it does not you cannot be harrassed into paying two payments. This is an attempt to get there books cleared by the end of the month, they receive bonuses if this is done.

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Now that is rich! A company that will harrass you beginning the day your payment is due, will call you at work, home, the inlaws, at the neighbors, at church, in the hospital (how do they do that?!) asked YOU, their CUSTOMER who's loan kept them in business,even after they recieved A GOVERNMENT BAILOUT to stop calling them?!

You have found a way to escape from their clutches, and they don't like it.


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