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We got a loan 2 years ago with CitiFinancial and paid diligently on the due date. Interestingly, the due date on the loan was the 10th, but they rarely took their payments on that date.

My husband lost his job and we had to miss a payment and then catch up. Their plan was a deferrment for 6 months to "help us out". The deferrment is over and we are paying regularly. The issue I have is the interest rate for the loan is now 29.99%.

HWY ROBBERY. I'm looking for a loan elsewhere to pay this off.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1291959

They gave me a 36.99 rate not sure if even legal....

Nothing disclosed and would not give me my paper work till I came back and demended it.


They are the most unorganized company I've ever had the misfortune to work with. Anyone who defends this companies practices is in denial or just plain naive.

They have the worse form of record keeping and their business model is "Mafia" like. Threats, constant calls, abusive solicitations! These things happen even when individuals pay their bills, loans, etc on time because there is NO communication in the company. This company must still use carrier pigeons for communicating!

Don't they have computer systems, databases in place to handle their customers records. Obviously not!!


I find it funny how when a person needs help they are willing to do what ever it takes to solve the problem. Then after the fact they turn around & *** the hand that was there for them.

Instead of being upset @ a lender you should be mad @ yourself for not reviewing the contract before signing. After all if you do not sign it & accept the terms of the contract then you do not owe the funds back.


It's painfully obvious that the people making the complaints on here are all people who never pay their bills on time and never have and never will.


For darlad, your intrest rate could have not went up. Even with the adjustment of terms the interest rate must be equal to or less than the orginal rate to even process it.

Usually the rate has to be dropped even thought they extend the term out to 120 months to help you have a lower payemnt. If you dont like it then just stay t the original payment and rate.


i find it rather funny that the employees have time to come on here to try and make there company better but when i call i get hung up on this is the worst company ever and i am still looking into a lawyer please if u r having problems too i would love a email if we all get together for a lawsuit it will be better.


CitiFinancial sucks! We have been trying to clear our account of bogus charges and they hang up the phone on us. I am calling channel 7 news in Miami, FL to report them


Citifinancial is nothing more than legalized crooks. Never due business with then again, spread the word!


Paid off my loan 6 years ago now I am recieiving very abusive and harrassing phone calls and they are also calling any and all releatives and past roommates to locate me ...keep in mind I have had the same number and address for 15 years...I have a pay off staement to prov my fact but they are telling me that is no good and I still owe and additonal payment...FROM 2005, I was threatened by CHRISTY in the MEchanicsville Office that she was filing a jusgement against me and she could call whom ever she wanted


Courtney and Brian, from the sounds of many of your posts, you are two pathetic Citi employees trying to help yourselves out. Go back to work!


The orginal APR was 19.99%

If they had told me that my interest rate would go up 10% by doing a deferrment I would have refused their help. And actually,they are not the only company that will assist when their customer's struggle. I don't know how they can justify this.


Sounds to me like they helped you out in a time of need. Did all of your creditors do the same for you during that time?

I am sure probably not. They didnt have to work with you at all, but instead someone took time to listen to the problem you were facing, and used the tools available to them to help in every way!!!


The adjustment of terms only last 5 months then reverts back to the original rate and payment. The lower payment and rate only last that 6 months. If your apr is 29.99 then that was what it was orginally.

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