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CitiFinancial - WORST LOAN PLACE EVER!!!!! 4 of 5 people found it helpful
Some years back my wife's late husband convinced her that they needed a home equity loan to pay off all their bills. After she and I got together we moved into her house and I did a short sale on mine because it was fast becoming a money pit. She then lost her job along with half our income and was out of work for a year and a half. During that time we got behind and very nearly lost the place. A new job on her part and a lot of sacrifices....
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I've been trying to get a simple payoff request since May/2016 to finish the closing on my deased mothers home which I inherited.I have no luck in getting one. My lawyer and I have sent EVERY information in that you requested in. After all of that I still haven't received a pay off. I would think it would be easy getting one since I'm paying off on a loan. I made a general compliant with the city and I guess I have to make another one. All I'm...
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I took out a 20,000$ home equity loan with those idiots at sucky financial in 2014.WORST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!!!Then my wife was working full time and later in 2014 she lost her job so there was only 1 income plus her tiny unemployment cheque so we got behind on payments.Then the calls stated to come in from those *** at the branch.I do understand that the payments have to be made on time,but there are ways to talk to people for that basically...
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