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Financed Furniture bought at Haverty's through Citifinancial. However, they didn't mail a statement until the 1st bill was late so they charged a $39 late fee and finance charge, after we went to Haverty's and told them we haven't got a bill yet- they said don't worry- you will!!

Yes- we did FINALLY- What a great deal- it was suppose to be no interest until 2011- so much for that.

Charged a late fee before we even get a statement- I say that is a scam. Don't fall for it- they waste no time screwing it up so you will pay interest, like not mailing the statement until the payment is late.

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So when gemoney bought out havertys accts some accts duplicated and stayed with citifinancial and it show as charged offs for yall ? I just need to know cuz there's one reporting on my acct but I have no knowledge of ever taking a one month secure loan ...but I did finance havertys furniture but paid everything off with ge money cause that's where my payments were supposed to go when I got the letter ge money were taking over the accts . I just need to know


It's not fair for anyone to point fingers and post that one should pay their bills. I did not receive a statement from Chase bank.

I never pay my bill late because once I receive it, I schedule it online. Therefore there is truth that these people didn't receive it on time or not at all. These companies make money on these late fees and interest. It is not to their advantage for you to pay it off or to pay on time.

Moreover, another credit card that I had; Bank of America assessed a $59 annual fee after a couple of months after paying the balance off.

They want their money somehow. They are all out to rip off the consumer.


I made my full payment within the twelve month period. Citifinancial didn't apply the payment until the day after the due date; and charged full interest of $410.

I refused to pay it; disputed it; went to the State Attorney, Credit Bureaus, etc.

I could not get it resolved. I now have to pay, because they keep extending the date updated, so that the 7 years keeps extending.


i hate haverty's , ge money and citi card! I am trying to stop an automatic payment from my account that i set up with citi and now that harvertys converted to ge money. no one can help me!!!!!!

they all suck!


You know when your bills are due. Pay on time as you agreed or you will have to pay extra interest. There are several people who cam on here and stated paid no problem!!


And by the way, to the people on this board calling me a deadbeat for not paying my bill on time . .

. as I mentioned before, my account was bought by another company. It wouldn\'t have done me a bit of good to send a payment to a company that no longer owned my account. So don't give me this *** about personal responsibility.

I pay my bills. We have the right to receive a bill.

We didn\'t. And judging from what I\'m reading on this board, I\'m not the only one that these financing companies has tried to screw.


Same exact thing happened to me at Haverty's. Never received a bill from them, and then all of a sudden started receiving threatening phone calls from them telling me that I'm past due.

I said "How can I be past due when I never received a bill?" They said I had financed my loan through one company and the account was sold to another company. They also said "Pay now or we'll report you to the credit union!"

So what is the lesson learned here?

Never buy on credit from Haverty's. They steal $39 in late fees from you and report you to the credit union without even sending you an invoice.


Brian said: "Also the simple thing is it does not matter why you are late, if you are late then you are in late and default on your contract."

Brian, It's a scam it you don't receive a bill until after the due date. That's the argument here.

Don't blame it on the post office. Citi has an obligation to bill you in a timely manner. There is no reason why you should not receive a bill in less than a week after opening an account. I received my bill and noticed no mention of online payment options on the bill.

I found a way to pay online through a search engine and payed my bill in full. They know *** well that most people pay their bills online now.

They make it inconvenient to pay on purpose. In my opinion Citi is just another example of Wall Street greed.



Keep track of your finances and open your mail...pay your bills and you won't have to worry about late fees and interest!


I've never had a problem with my Citi account that was opened when I financed through Haverty's. I can also say that I inquired about where and how to make payments before I ever left the store.

The customer service person there gave me the Citi Financial toll free number so I could call myself to ensure that my payment was received on time.

I can see how receiving a statement after payment was due can be frustrating, but you knew when you made the purchase. Keeping track of the time frame between the purchase and 30 days isn't rocket science.


I never depend on bills for recurring payments. I typically schedule recurring electronic payments about 10 days in advance.

I just bought furniture from Havertys and my first statement came in the mail a week ago. My due date is 2/11/11. So - plenty of time. I think a little personal responsibility will help here.

Also, I am not making the minimum payment. I will calculate what it will take to payoff the balance within the allotted months.


i know this is going to come off wrong but im just stating the facts. When you finance anything you need to know when your bill is due.

The creditors do not care if you did not receive your bill. You need to know when the bill is due and call the financial company to check on this if needed. You should constantly keep tabs on all your accounts bank, credit, etc. and you should always check your credit report every 3 months on average.

I opened a new havertys card and called shortly after to find out when my first statement will print.

then once the statement prints i call and find out when my first due date is and for how much then you can go from there and also never assume the due date falls on the exact same day. sometimes it can vary by a few days.


Bought a $4,000+ bedroom suite from Haverty's and financed 0% for 18 mos. I took the time to figure out what I needed to pay it off in 17 mos.

All of my bills have arrived on time, so I can not complain about that. Credit Card companies are in the business to make money... they want you to default and have to pay the interest, so of course they are not going to calculate what your payment needs to be to pay in full.

We have had no problems with Haverty's or Citi so we purchased a $3,000 family room set. No problems thus far although I again calculated how much was due to pay it off in 23 mos.


Ditto - fairly new account in good standing, this month my bill came late, with a late payment attached, what a scam! It not late because of the post office...

We need to watch out for all credit card companies - it's a new way of collecting fees. And no more shopping Haverty's.


WOW! I had the same exact issue except thru Ashley Furniture!!

I have paid three late payments so far...all due to not receiving my bills on time!!! And they are not quick to help you, and even if I paid by phone they charge me $15 phone fee! I HATE citifinancial. Never again.

I have numerous other bills that never have an issue with late payments. Only citi.


Thanks M. Lybanon, I was able to set up a recurring payment schedule at www.payment.citi.com to ensure that they wouldn't have a reason to screw me over about lost/late payments.

Thanks again


With their "no interest" deal, they should bill you the monthly amount it takes to pay the balance off in time - like other companies do (HH Gregg or GMAC for instance). Instead, they bill you a minimum amount, and when the offer period expires, unless you remember the expiry date you're going to 1) still owe a bunch of money and 2) get hit with the full interest charge that you thought you were avoiding.

Sodus Point, New York, United States #187791

These people just called me at WORK to tell me the same thing. The guy on the phone was ready and waiting to give me the whole spiel about: "It happens all the time that people don't see their bill.

It's kind of hard to recognize because it looks exactly like a credit card offer from Citi, so you might have thrown it away." That is verbatim, and if THIS doesn't sound like a scam that needs to be followed up on, I don't know what does. I will NEVER buy from Haverty's again and tell everyone I know about this foul business practice. I will do the same with Citi. My next step is contacting the BBB.

I strongly recommend you do the same and hopefully we can put together a class action suit here shortly.

This has to stop...now. www.bbb.org.


Have had no problems whatsoever and just paid off my interest fee loan. Sorry to hear that others had issues because I plan to go buy another room full of furniture this weekend. Have a great Labor Day!


I had a citi card for wolfe furniture, tried to do a balance transfer, then got a bill with the added 700 in interest, citi says they don't do balance transfers??? never heard of a bank not allowing it.

citi itself offers balance transfers. so now they cost me 700 in interest, when i wanted to pay it with my m and t card.

I would have paid it myself except i had a knee injury and it kept me out of work for a bit. they really gave it to me good

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