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I got payments deferred not told by office how this works .I called the office and to my suprise I still owe what I borrowed . I was told you pay daily entrest on the loan and your DISABLTY INS.

runs out at the date ending of the signed contract there for we need to open our eyes and ask for all the answers and make then answer ALL of your questions and not beat around the bush. I am sure that i am not the only *** money borrower in this world .

I sure hope that this message gets read by people like myself. Thanks for reading this

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You can asked all the questions you want to but you will never get an honest answer, they are a bunch of liars, the staff have not accounting experience, more barely have a high school education. They are trained monkey's doing what they are told.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #786437

I'm trying to get a petition together to have laws changed regarding predatory lenders which is what CitiFinancial is but I need people to share their stories with me, I can tell what happen to me but that won't be enough I need others to come forward. If you live in Canada and have had the same type of dealings with CitiFinancial please e-mail me at donna.borden994(at) and tell me your story so that we can make these people pay for what they are doing, they are breaking the laws and no one is making them be accountable for what they are doing.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #751161

They will defer payments even without your consent that's how they roll. They will also sign up for insurance without your consent.

Don't feel bad these people are criminals they are not better then loan sharks and when you question them they sell your debt to thugs and collect the payments. Please report your complaints to your MPP and if possible contact the media to have them do stories on them these people need to be exposed so that others don't fall for their lies.

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