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offered deferred payments by Citi Financial on car loan for 45 days, was not told once payments start again that I would only be paying interest and late fees. So time for paid off and I'm thinking wow one payment left of $363.06 I get a paid off of $2803.55 what the ***...

I called to speak to someone and they tell me this *** that's it's all my principal and if I can't paid it off they can defer the payment again I offered to pay $2000.00 to get out of this loan and was told all or nothing. Has this happen to any one else.

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Or does brian sound like a real ***? I think the point is that Citi willfully misleads people into believing they are being "helped" as they have done to me in the past.

It does not help to defer a payment by creating a lump sum at the end of a loan that must be paid at once.

They are not hurting over a missed payment, the consumer missed a payment because they were hurting. CitiFinancial are crude and wreckless.


They told you you would be only paying interest and fees in your own statement. Now the term has expired (the orignal amount of the months of the contract) and the principle is due.

It is interest bearing loan and you have been paying the interest due to skipping a month. Either pay the loan as agreed or give the car back.

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