i applied online, got approved later, took all the papers to collect my loan and got kicked off for not buying optional insurances. it took me 2 hours to fight with the employee for not convincing on his offer to purchase those.

at the end i told if have to buy those, i wont get the loan. he returned my papers and didnt get approved loan. i was so frustrated on his service and cheating behavior. i am talking about salt lake brunch on 2100 south right by the best buy.

please nobody go there. they are just hijacking your identity.

Review about: Citifinancial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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The same thing happened to me at American General. They told me I was approved for a loan and the rep came to me with some insurance documents and when I didn't take the insurance she came back to me stating that they found something on my report.

They ran my report and knew all my credit history. But because I didn't sign that document, They took back the loan.


If this is what happened then yes call the customer service #. This is not how it is suppose to be done and there are major consquences for this and this is not policy!!

While ins is strongly recomended to protect you in case something happens it IS 100% optional.


call in to their corporate office. this is a major violation in company policy.

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