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I have two complaints with CitiFinancial Auto. I will also be contacting the local car dealership where I purchased my car and inform them of the fraudulent activity CitiFinancial Auto commits on their customers and to strongly suggest they immediately cancel any future deals with CitiFinancial Auto.

My first complaint begins where I contacted CA to change my payment date. The representative I spoke to at that time was very polite in assisting me. When we spoke, I asked several times to confirm that by changing my payment date, I would not incur late fees. This is not the case. I have incurred late fees. I will be contacting CA for a statement of my account.

My second complaint is my auto loan was paid off on 08/03/10. I have received the title in hand with a letter from CA that my account is paid in full. I had setup 3 automatic payments back in June, to be paid June, July and August. I was concerned my payment that I had scheduled online through the CitiFinancial Explore Payment Solutions to be debited on 08/18/10 would still be debited from my account. I contacted CA on 08/17/10 and spoke with a customer service representative named "Ron" who confirmed that he could not locate any automatic payments setup in the system for my account. I asked if there was any other system this payment could be in and again he confirmed no.

Because CA's website provides hardly information regarding payments (and really anything in that matter regarding a customer's account), I went to the FAQ section on the CitiFinancial website and it is stated that "recurring payments are automatically cancelled when your account is closed. Your online account management access will be available for 60 days after your account is paid in full". This statement is false. My recurring payment was not cancelled as it was withdrawn from my account on 08/19/10. My monthly payment was $ 334.00, which I had not budgeted for as my account was paid in full at least 15 days before my automatic payment was scheduled to be withdrawn from my account. I can also no longer access my account online.

I will be contacting CitiFinancial Auto later today to discuss the issues regarding my account. I will repost feedback once I have further information.

Again, if you can stay clear of this money bloodhound, please do. I will never do any type of business again with CitiFinancial and will advise anyone I speak with to do the same. Cancel any account you have with them and invest it in a local bank or credit union.

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UPDATE-as of today, I still have not received my refund due to me for an illegal debit withdrawn out of my checking account from CitiFinancial Auto. I have been extrememly mislead by their customer service representatives, as I was told that a refund check was going to be cut and mailed on 09/09/10.

I called 888-222-4227 and spoke to a represenative at Santander Consumer USA who has now taken over CA loans (please note: I never received notification of this). I spoke with Chantelle who informed me that Santander took over CA loans on 09/01/10, so a refund should have been issued before then.

It will now take 30-45 BUSINESS DAYS until I can expect refund. It has now already been 37 business days; are they waiting until the last possible second to issue me my due monies?


UPDATE-as of today, I have still not received my refund check that was to be issued on 09/09/10. Funny how quickly they are to withdraw money illegaly from my account, but SLOW to refund it back.

I understand there are policies to ensure that the funds clear their account, but 20 days after the money cleared my account and OVER 30 DAYS since my account was paid off is absolutely insane. Of course now, the loans have been transferred to another company and I can't even get a LIVE person on the phone to confirm if a check has even gone out.

I send a fax today to the Team Leader....see if that gets me anywhere. If anyone could provide a contact person's name, mailing address where I could send a complaint to, that would be greatly appreciated!


For jim, they will not release any info to your kids unless the have power of att due to privacy laws. Also citi auto handles all repos and they will send you a letter with payoff amount including repo fees that will be needed to get your car back.

It does not matter why you were late, you were in default and had to been at least 30 (probably 45+) days late for it to had been repo.

They would even sent you a letter advising you had 15 days to bring account current or they would repo. How long were you in the hospital then?


I have never felt so helpless in my life. Citifinancial took my car after I have went into the hospital.

My children have tried calling them for a week now to find out what we need to pay to get my car back with no return calls. Why is it that the government bailed them out but they wont even answer the phone and work with us.


Thank you, I will go to the local office as I cannot even be transferred to a person at CitiFinancial who speaks English and it is very difficult to conduct business in that manner. I've also now been told by CitiFinancial a few more steps that I need to do before I can receive my refund check...this is very frustrating as no one there seems to have a clue on how to handle these types of situations.


All you need to do is provide the local Citifinancial office with a "written cease and desist" and make sure you get documentation such as a fax confirmation or UPS tracking # to confirm. This should stop all calls and if it does not you can sue them for up to 5 times the damages I believe. Good luck

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