This is the absolute worse company I have ever dealt with. I paid my car off the 29th of March and requested that my title be released.

I have called three more times and every time they promise it will be sent out today. Monday the 26th they promised it would be sent overnight,well here it is April 29, 2010 and still no title. I called them again this morning and found out the title has not been released at all. Now another promise that it will sent out overnight.

Yeah well I'm not gonna hold my breath.

You people should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. Citifinancial YOU SUCK!!!!!

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I have never dealt with Citi Finance but when I paid off my automobile through GMAC I received my title with a week of the final payment.


first of all...listen to these comments. we have over 1300 office over america.

there has to be an office within 15 miles from you, now why would you call them if you can just stop in the office and pick it up. especially if they told you they would mail it and they didnt? citifinancial representatives have many responsibilities and they put their customers first. they go by "customer first" mentallity.

now you got a loan within 2 hours why would you agree to terms if you didnt like them? since you are the one who called and asked for the money. their job is to best fit a product to a customer. now pending the terms you want is basis on the interest you pay.

and the rate is higher because people quit paying. now, i think having the luxury of getting 2000 in 2 hrs with no prepayment penalty is helpful for emergencies. these happen everyday within america. if you dont like the rate after you take care of the emergency pay it off.

if you pay your bills then should be alternative to citifinancial, maybe a bank that lends. We need citifinancial in this economy.

Vasteras, Vastmanlands Lan, Sweden #150678

:p If you think the CEO from India sucks,with you it would suck evenmore,thats the reason your still crying over paying your bills.

1)The CEO being from India has got nothing to do with your loan first of all

2)If you cannot pay back your loan you need to do an analysis on yourself ...Think about what I said,it will prove fruitfull


You pay off, title is released. End of story.

Wait 10 business days for check to clear and off in the mail it goes. Lost title?

No problem, go get duplicate printed off. Paid off = released, clear title.


For darnell, This is called a simple interest loan instead of amorization loan. Instead of taking your principle balanance times interest rate and /12 months to get how much of your payment goes to interest, on a simple interest loan you take principle balance * interest rate /365 days to give you daily interest.

Then take daily interest times how many days since last payment and that is how much interest id due.

Either was you still have to pay for the interest each year, this is not a extra charge but a different way to figure interest.

The daily fee is not on top of your mortgage, this is the interest you owe.

Placerville, California, United States #146875

I have my mortgage with them they lied and trick me into it telling me it was a good thing to refinace with them. But what they didn't tell me that there charging me a Daily fee on top of my mortgage bill every month.

Now is that a rip off what . If you have a mortgage with them your in the same boat. I found out when I got laid off and tried to modify and they turnd me dwn.

I had someone look at my mortgage papers and found the daily fee so they will lose the daily fee if they modify my loan. So I'm stuck may lose my home to some tricks.


Brian, nobody told her/him how to get a title. They said THEY would SEND it to them.

If that isn't their job, why did they say they'd do it? I have my own personal problems with Citifinancial Auto which prompted me to do some homework.

Did you know that the CEO of Citigroup (parent company) is from India? AND he is on the list of top worst CEOs.


I am sorry i took a few minutes of my time to try and help you since i work in title liens industry. You come on here and have the nerve to insult someone who tells you how to get a title to your car.

GROW UP!!! The time it took you to file a complaint on here and respond you could of already had your title back!


Wow Brain sounds like 'you might just be 'on citifinancials payroll!! Strange how you have the time to post on website but nobody in your company has the time to deal with customers...I would had been grateful for just one call back from your company before i had to resort to other measures...


Go to local office and get lien release and get you a duplicate title, not that hard. The only reason they would not have it in office is if you filed bk or the account was charged off.

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