I spoke with a guy named Jack he attempted to lie to me that my credit card rate 19.99 is more expensive then his 36 percent rate. He kept saying I know nothing and talked to me like I was a dummy. Said 35 percent is like 16. Went online calculator was a pure lie . Stay way for this jack min guy on cambie.

This is not Chinese math

Good news I ended up going to my own bank and they explained to me it was a credit scam! If he was honest with me needed the money short term would have worked with him.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1291957

The Jack guy used to text me when I had a loan in 2016 and sent me so many emails , such harassment will never deal with company again...

The emailed me even when I'm 6 days late what a joke?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1260695

I got lucky just wasted a drive, I felt forced and left. To many lies be honest guys we are not *** customers.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1260692

Same problem with this guy reason told everyone to stay away..!

He is a fraud hope they go out of business soon!


I hate that useless Jack so much! Reason I want to easy financial..

He has zero customer service.. no idea who made him a manger..

Must have slept his way up.......

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #1206058

They called me from the Vancouver office told me they would save me money . Then found out 36 percent rate and guy told me it's a good deal 36.99.

I tried to explain my credit card was 19.9 he said, lucky me that he is less then that.

I walked out 36.99 or 19.99 they are looking for *** people not me ...

They should go to jail for following financial lies.

to Anonymous Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1206061

Was that Jack he did that with me wow wow wow

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #1161951

The jack min guy I found very rude, can't talk to this guy has no listening skills. Just told me to leave or would call police instead of explaining balance , gave me customer service number.

Said he was not customer service and had no time for his customer !

Not coming back again you lost business and lots of word of mouth ! Bad

to Anonymous #1162596

Its not your fault Jack didn't know the answers to your questions they are told what to say and when you asked questions they act like its you who has made the mistake and its you that you that doesn't but its them that doesn't understand, customer service is no better in fact if possible they are worst. Look up job descriptions for Citi they don't want anyone who has any experience most of the staff don't even have basic knowledge of accounting. They give them fancy titles to boost their ego but the fact is they know nothing.

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada #1119114

That's why I never came back

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1112568

FICOM should investigate put a end to this !

We have rules and regulations


Who employees those people that's a true winner and can't say enough about this guy, reason no longer deal with company ! The Asian is a lier , lies to customers can't understand what's he doing in any financial job!


True *** totally agree , he *** memorized a line told me same ,


Agree same said to me

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