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I receive robocalls and they started texting my cell phone. Texting and robocalling is against almost 100% of their loan contracts.

It's a civil suit that I believe the attorney attached to a pending lawsuit for the mortgage side that was filed in behalf of someone in California. Their business practices to me should be against the law.

They keep selling off branches and my loan has been transferred to 3 different offices and they keep (changing my loan #)in the past 1 1/2 and staff is constantly changing. It's almost paid off and hope in a few years get some money back for their illegal activity in the civil lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citifinancial Loan.

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Guess what Einstein...if YOU pay on time like YOU are supposed to, their bill collectors never need to call you! Isn't that an amazing concept???

Oroville, California, United States #1293797

They've done this to me as well. One of their reps told me I owed one amount and another rep quoted a completely different amount.

When they figured I was suspicious, they sold my loan. Unfortunately for Citi Finance, they sold my loan to a company whose rep worked for Citi Finance who turned out to be of great help.

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