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I have been paying my loan on time for 5 years now, with the payment plan set up by Citifinancial $100.00 a month.Come to find out that over $94.00 goes to the interest.They have collected over $6000.00 dollars in interest.I called them to see if they would lower my 11%interest rate or help me

settle my acct somehow.Their advise was to pay more per month.Would not help me settle due to I'm not deliquate with my payments.So the only way to get help..Is to ruin your credit score.Great!!!!!!

Review about: Citifinancial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I had to stop also. Serious circumstances prevented me from being able to come up with the $249.00 per month payment.

Bottom line though, the sued me. I had the interest reduced to 7.5% and the payment to $111.00. Now I am able to pay it all off because things have gotten better, but it was a very bad experience. Try to show them your hardship circumstances and look at the interest laws in your state.

Do your best to keep negotiating. Pay what you can and pray.

Things will get better. They will.

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