I had a personal load from citifinicial finally got them to accept a settlement well long story short I got every thing I needed on my end bOut I had to file bankruptcy and cont to pay the loan because my mom had co signed they was garnish my wages and we got that took care of well the branch in our county assured my mom nothing would affect her she finds out last year they lied and it did affect her showing on her credit report we was sued and we wasn't now 6 months after the loan was paid they still haven't done their part of sending the sadification of judgement to our magistrate court and basically saying there's nothing they can do so never go to citifinicial to get any kind of loan they will flat out lie to you and do nothing to help you in any way

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Brian, you must work for Citifinancial and I hope they pay you well.


If they were garnishing your wages then yes they sued and got a judgement. That is why the judgement shows on your credit.

The only way to garnish your wages is to sue. Since your mom was cosigner then it reports on her credit the same.

She is just as responsible as you and will show same credit info. Also next time you write a complaint, please make it so people can read and understand it.

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