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I was *** enough to get 2 loans from Citi Financial, because they prey on poor and people with bad credit that think they have no other choice. Their rates are EXTREMELY high and even when you pay regularly, you never get to the principal!

They always say they are there to hewlp you and want to work with you if you get in a bind. Do NOT even believe that!! My income went down $1,331 every month so I called them to see if they'd lower my payments, to which they arghued and told me I had the month to keep paying them what I had been paying. I got a loan for $2000 and it's ended up being $10,000!

They are CROOKS!! They harrass with phone calls several times a day, and I had to file a complaint on them with the state atty general to get them to stop. They also want to know if you own your home, then ask what it cost to buy, how much you owe on it,etc. I even asked them-" what?

are you going to take my house?" This so-called loan company is nothing but loan sharks and needs to be shut down!

They are CROOKS!! WHY doesn't the government investigate them?

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This is a fiance co not a bank. Finance co rates are high but citi is usually about 10%-15% or more lower than the 36% max allowed by law.

Yes they ask for home info when you do application.

It tell them your debt to income ratio. If you do not pay they can get a judgement and put a judgement lien on your home(even if you have a mortgage).

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