The manager of Citifinancial in Sioux City, IA calls my husband and I 4 to 5 times a day form various phone numbers (attempting to be sneaky I guess)when we have a late payment, even after we have told them we will be in on a certain date or after work. The other staff are extremely rude.

I received a call in the middle of my grandfathers funeral, with a message stating she did not appreciate me avoiding her call. WOW !!!

As if I did not have other things going on. I will never do business with these people again.

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The best thing you can do is talk to them. There is no harm in that.

Sure some people are embarrassed, but no problem is resolved without some form of communication.

Take care, and do the right thing. Hope this helps!


1, if u know you are going to be late wth a payment, always call the company and let them know. you are in good terms if u keep commucation open!

2. every famley has a talker what i mean is that they can literally talk you into somethg you know u can't do but somewere they will wiggle u to do it. be firm and straight forward no. 3.

if a cust service person continues to call and tell you from this finacial company you are in breach of contract.

by being late with a payment remember the company is also in breach of contract by taking a late payment. but as a reminder a good line of comuncation

is always open.


Brian, I guess you've never been late on anything in your life? God forbid you ever lose YOUR job


Just so you know as almost all finance co they have between 4-7 lines. This is a must since can have anywhere from 3-5 employees, each need a line they can use if some one is on other line and still need a line open for customers to call on!! If you dont want to be called then pay your bill on time!!I am sure they are tired of you ignoring their calls.

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