have been a Citifinanacial consumer for a couple of years. I have had loans with them in the past and have always paid off early.

On July 7th I requested to deffer my loan for a month. The amount was 229.00 I was told to send a letter of stop payment and state that it was ok to restart in August, and to fill out a defferement form. I followed appropiate procedure and I have all confirmations. Starting on August 1, 2010 I have been reciving phone calls several times a day like every hour telling me that I am late and I skipped payment, late fees etc.

I have been in contact with Nicholas who stated he would remedy this for me, but doesnt know what happended to my defferement form and that I needed to resubmit... Today is August 5, and I recieved a phone call from Michelle stating that the intrest owed from the last month is more than the current amount owed and I have to make a partial payment on it.

I explained to her what was going on and that i should not be held responsiable for the errors of your employees I dont have any extra money to pay for this. This is killing me and I do not kknow what to do.

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As a Citifinancial employee I would suggest you call the branch and ask how much interest is still due for you on the July payment. If you find out this number is rediculous and puts you in a bind, ask if you can REWRITE your account with the branch or do an ADJUSTMENT OF TERMS.

Either option will help you get caught back up if they seem like something you are interested in doing.

Have the employee explain the options to you or even have the Branch Manager explain the options to you. GOOD LUCK HOPE IT HELPS!


For ruthless virtual company, it does not matter what day you are autodrafted, it is what say of the month are you do? Also if you prove you have ins the whole time (since YOUR ins co failed to advise in accordance with the laws) then they can take the $2100 off.

Citi auto is a totally seperate co then citifinancial. As me wrote if you had checked your statement you would of know why you were late and you were getting charged, call citiauto ask when you went late and what caused it.

As for the orginal complaint, these loan are interest bearing meaning the interest builds daily not monthly. IF you owe more in interest then your payment then they can not defer the payment.

This is why so important to pay every 30 days, if you go 40 then you have to pay 40 days of interest before any goes to principle. If the 40 is more than your payment all goes to principle and the intrest is due on the next payment plus that 30 days interest before any goes to principle.


It'sobvious that you don't read your statements that are sent in the mail to you every month, or you would have caught it in the beginning!


This is awful. Switch car loan companies if you can.

They didn't auto debit my account in July and told me i owe more than I usually pay. I checked statements they sent me in the mail and I have about 20 late payments at 30$ a pop that I didn't know about and pay by phone payments of $14.95. It's a corrupt, corrupt company. I have had auto debit from my account every month on the 25th.

How can I be late every month when I pay the same amount the same day every month??? They told me I owed them $2100 because there was no insurance on the car...which was FALSE. I had insurance all along, and apparently my insurance company was supposed to let them know. What kind of scam is this?

I went to see a Citifinancial agent today in person, but they told me that they have NOTHING to do whatsoever with Citifinancial Auto. Citifinancial Auto is some nebulous company in the sky somewhere that is totally ripping off people left right and center. Obama...they should be stopped.

Do something about them. They are like a railroad car that is going faster and faster killing people in its path, ruthless, unscrupulous and distasteful.

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