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These MORONS at CITIFINANACIAL, do not seem to have the ability to take a members' name off of an account! I am no longer an owner of merchandise that was purchased at a local retailer, and I'm still obligated to the account, because of signed as "joint account". Due to the fact that I AM NO LONGER WITH THE INDIVIDUAL, on the account now, and she has reassured me of paying the debt that is owed, wich I beleive her, to the fullest, not only are we still best freinds, she is EMPLOYED AT A BANK!..come on folks, what happen to "customer service?"

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OMG! Oh, they should have believed you since she worked at the "BANK".

Be for real! I'm sure Citi is not in the business of "believing" people. If she's such a good friend, why are you worried about this being on your credit?

Because you don't think she'll pay it. And if she doesnt, you'll have to.


you signed for something, you cant just get your name off of it, thats common sense. It has nothing to do with customer service.

Sheffield, Iowa, United States #19377

Your unreasonable demand is not being taken seriously? If someone promissed they would pay you back but a month later they tell you to go ask someone else....

What would you do? You would tell them to "get real" or something to that effect. You entered an agreement...

simple enough. Now own it!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #16377


Customer Service has nothing to do with it. You signed an agreement and they expect you to act accordingly. I think you understand this.

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