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Part 2 8-9-2010Called back and talked to Jeremy and told him the same thing 803-835-5100If they do not take my payment today I will not ever attempt to pay them again.he said he would call the columbia branch and put me on hold I was on hold for 15 minutes he said he would take the payment over the phone - I do not do business like this and I said no I have cash I will go by and try to pay them one more time. and I will go by and try to make the payment today if they do not take it I am done trying to pay them The Judge will laugh them out of the court room when he hears they turned down cash. lOOKS LIKE THEY WANT MORE OBAMA MONEY AND WANT OT PUT JUDGEMENTS ON PEOPLES HOUSES.



Date 8-9-2010

Talked to Petra and Perry - Lisa Walace 803-699-1320Branch manager would not talk to me

my name Arnold Lemondsaddress 1405 Fairfax Drive Camden Scout Carolinahave a loan with Citi Finincialyes I am late on a payment I called and told them I would be late and why.I set up the payment to be made today.I went by and tried to make the payment Saturday and they would not take it said I had to pay the one that comes due August the 15th also. And they added extra late charges.They tell me I have to make two payments - not going to happen I will go by the Camden S.C. branch today to try and make the payment again.If the knuckleheads to not take the payment I will not ever attempt to make another payment to Citi Finincial. They can take all that OBAMA money and pay it off.

Arnold E. Lemonds,

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As a Citifinancial employee, I would suggest you go to the local branch where you originally took out your loan and bring in whatever money you are willing to pay and tell the employee or Branch Manager you are interested in either a DEFERMENT, or a REWRITE or an ADJUSTMENT OF TERMS on your account to help bring it current. They may be able to help you with any of those. GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE IT HELPS!


I agree with Brian you are really hurting yourself not Citi Financial,the next loan you will be able to get is a payday loan, use your brain,why would they need your checking account number if there is no money in your checking?? Use a money order or cashiers check..geez


Dude have you ever heard of a cashiers check,who walks around with cash?? :x


Another person who needs to grow up, If they are requiring 2 payments that means you failed to pay last month per your contract. YOU ARE IN DEFAULT!!

Also Obama has nothing to do with this.

Citi got the money not citifinancial and the money has nothing to do with you. Just as you needed a loan and citifinancial gave you the money, citi needed money and the goverment gave them a LOAN. Citi has paid the loan back in full and the goverment made 7 BILLION in profit off the loan.

So why dont you follow the example and pay your bill!!

Also yes if you fail to pay as agreed the can take you to court, 3 things will happen, you will have a jugement put on your credit (good luck ever getting credit anywhere again), they will garnish any current or future wages, and they can put a judgment lien on your home till the judgement is paid (even if you own clear or have a mortgage it is a judgment lien). If they do that you will never be able to refinance, sell, or transfer your home to anyone until the judgment is paid with all the att fees, courts cost and interest.

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