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I work for a very small appliance business who offers interest free financing for our customers. In feb 2010 a customer who had an existing citi account with us came in and purchased a tv. We delivered the tv, ran the citi credit card and in our mind everything was good.

Several weeks later we got word that the co-signer for the account who purchased the tv closed the account and without us being able to dispute our side, they took the $2,300 out of our account. We did everything we were supposed to do and still, just becasue they have access to our funds they went in and took our money.

I am trying to dispute this issue with their disputes department, and they just keep repeating themselves over and over. Two people who I have dealt with there have said that they understand my frustration and what happened isn't right....but it's how it works.

Citi is exactly what is wrong with corporate america! they thing they can strong arm little businesses and individuals. I hope you are happy! We are unable to locate the consumer and the television. So in an already difficult economy, we just got a $2,300 tv stolen from us, thanks to citi!

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Brian, obviously you must work for Citi or santander...get a *** life instead of cheerleading on pissed consumer...Citi and Santander are bottom feeders and need to be put out of business with their unethical business practices. Karma is a *** and they will get theirs!


So you are mad they followed the law. File a police report against the people who bought the tv if they stole it. You said you delivered it so you know know who they are and where they live!

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