I was making my payments every month and suddenly stopped receiving statements. Called citifinancial to find out my loan was sold to Santander.

Not only do I have a new account number but they can't even tell me the balance. Oh and supposely I am acruing late fees... I will not be making any more payments until I see what my balance is. For all I know it could be going up instead of down.

Everyone at this new company is incompetent. I never even received a letter saying they were selling the loan. This is just ridiculous!!!!!

Then every time I call the message says this is an attempt to collect a debt. Im not even late 30 days...

Review about: Citifinancial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I purchased a car in 2003 and paid it off in 2006. Come to find out I just traded my car in and appearently there is a lean on my car by santander.

Wtf, I paid citifinancial off a long time ago. Its 2011 and I shouldn't be having this issue for a paid off vehicle


For An Informed Consumer, these are not unsecured debts, they are secured by autos. They bought all loan from citifinancial AUTO. No loans from citifinancial were sold.


Just an FYI for brian...while an institution is not legally obligated to send monthly statements pertaining to a balance owed they are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to inform you if your account is being handled by a different institution. All loan companies have the authority to buy and sell loans from each other and the do it quite frequently.

This is true with mortgages, personal loans and student loans. It is listed in the contract that you sign. However, they have to notify the consumer in writing of the change. As far as the new company not being able to tell you your balance, that sounds suspicious to me.

When they purchased your loan they would have received a detailed history of your file. Otherwise i highly doubt that an intelligent business would perchase an unsecured debt...


Iam just stating the facts. Simple fact is citi has nothing to do with their loan no more.

The loan has been sold and you know when your bills are due.

So what is the problem. Dont complain to citi, they have nothing to do with your loan.


Brian, you obviously work for Citi or Santander. These people need help, not your asinine comments. Get a life.


Yes all citiauto loans were sold to santander. It is the same as when mortgage co sell mortgage and happens every day.

No they do not have to send statements by law! You know when your bill is due.


I got noticed from Citiauto and sans about the loan transfer from citi over to them. Not sure why have not, also have to watch the weblogin closely, i have noticed it tend to change from time to time.. Like the due date jump ahead and the month is not out.


My account with CitiFinacial Auto was also sold to Santander. I never receivd any notice either.

I had to go on the internet to find out the address to send payment but I was not told I had a new account number. I just hope payment was credited to my account. However, the main problem I have is that Santander is refusing to send my monthly statements( as Citi did).

I was told that sending a monthly statement to a client is a curtousy and not a requirement. If this is true, I have no way of knowing what my balance is(plus I think a statement is always a helpful reminder).


Just wait. My statement says I am on time with my payments and up to date.

Which I have records to prove I am, yet I have people calling me to say I owe four months worth of late payments! I asked for my records and was denied. I can not log on to my account.

They will not give me access because they say I am behind in my payments! I was not given an account number or notice until less than a week before my account was do.


These loans were sold over 3 months ago. It does not matter if you are 30 days or not, they are attempting to collect a debt you owe!! That is what you car payment is, a debt.

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