I took out a loan with Citi in July of O8 at the time of taking out the loan I was encouraged to take out insurance in the event that I was laid off. As GA is an at will state and as I had been laid off before I decided to take out the insurance. I was recently laid off again due to medical reasons and I filed a claim, was asked to produce documentation which I did and the claim was refused on the grounds that I had not worked from Sept o7-March 08 was not told that at the time of the loan application.

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Brian your an *** you can't cancel the insurance if you do they will only credit back a small portion and don't forget he paid interest on this insurance. I think Jonathan might have something here I might try using them in my law suit against them.


You should do more than just cancel the insurance. The contract was "uncontionable" because you were not eligible to enter into the agreement. You should file a small claims lawsuit for actual damages of the amount of insurance you paid and punitive damages for the emotional stress and financial chaos caused from the false sense of security provided.


Then cancel the ins, it is that easy! You can cancel the ins at any time, yes you must have been employed for the last 12 months

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