I am getting the runaround from the people that work for you. We took a loan out of the Mt.

Holly NJ office. We use do deal with Paul and got great service. Now that they have reorganized everyone is very arrogant, don't know nothing or gets very nasty. We got into a financial problem and got got behind on my taxes and they put a tax lean on my place.

Well, we took a loan out to catch up on some bills and pay the back taxes. Well, we asked for the release to be sent to the County where my wife works and does that work. well, We called Paul and he said that he would send the paper. Well, after a couple of weeks no responds.

We called Paul again and he said I have right on the desk and would send it right out. Well, we waited another week again and no papers. I called Paul back and he said he had lost the papers. He told me that he was packing that he was being transferred and he would tell the second in command which is Mellisa.

Well, we waited no response, Well I call there and cannot get any info no one know nothing. They had transferred my loan to an Office in North Jersey. When we called there they got very nasty and didn't know anything. Called back to Mt.

Holly and asked for the phone number to where Paul went. They said they cannot give it to me.

Well, if I cannot get better corporation I will be talking to a judge.

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