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I have had it with Citifinancial. I have tried on numerous occasions to tell them I am having financial problems and am unable to make my payments right now.

Not only do they not listen or care about this, they relentlessly pester me on my cell phone daily as well as my house phone. This is harassment of the highest kind. What about I am having financial issues right now and cannot pay my entire balance don't they get?

also what about stop calling me don't they get? Done, word of mouth is the best marketing tool, well guess what, bad press is too.

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Here is the thing with Citi Financial. Since I got into a position where I couldnot make the full payment, I started paying $80 per month regularly.

They would not work with me and officially lower my payment. But they continue to call me; like their numerous calls would put more money in my pocket so I could pay them. So I just continue to make the $80 payments and continue to tell the collectors the same story. Apparently, they don't really care if a person makes regular reduced payments, they still will not work with a person.

My balance is now down to $1100 and I just continue to talk to them and tell them over and over again that I can only pay $80 per month.

I guess their collectors don't have enough to do, so they continue to harrass people like me who, instead of filing bankruptcy, keep plodding along and make the payment I can afford. Oh Citi Financial, why do you continue to muddy your reputation by being so unmoving.


Yes they are Bob. They've helped me out on numerous occasions.

And so what if their own employees come on here and comment? Is that bad? If it's fair for any customer to come on here and complain, I think it's fair for employees to come on here and defend themselves, don't you?

Anyways, ignoring their phone calls is what causes the so-called "harrassment." They wouldn't call you 8 times a day if you would just answer your phone or call back, and ask for help or set up an acceptable arrangement.

Do you customers think it's fair that after they borrowed you the money, that you don't pay them ANYTHING back for several months? They have ways of helping you, just like they have helped me.


Wow! Between harassing phone calls it seems the great folks at Citi Financial have plenty of spare time to post snotty comments on message boards.

I would suggest before you sign a lone with these idiots you sit in a branch for 30 minutes and observe the way they treat "customers". They really are a bunch of jerks and no, they aren't trying to "help" you.


For Rosey, did you not accept the IUI (involuntary unemployment insurance) when it was offered to you in the loan? Or did you think that you didnt need to pay the extra $15-$20 because of the payment being higher. Please dont tell me that the insurance was NOT offered, I know that INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOUR CREDIT IS A NUMBER ONE PRIORTY if you got the insurance then the loan would have been paid while your husband was getting his benefits from the government. That was your fault. Look over your loan documents, your insurance would have covered you from the first day that you signed your paper work.

For KMagov, Try to work with the office, they are not requesting you to pay off your ENTIRE BALANCE at once, they are supposed to be there to work with you, they have options ask then to refinance the account to help LOWER the payments and if that doesnt work then they have other tools...working your account should be the top thing.

Also not only do the branches call the computers do too! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ANSWER THE PHONE and work with them and they will work with you..

Come one people, its not like they are leaving you out to dry, remember your ARBITRATION agreement? Please re-read the fact of collections, not settling, oh and the JUDGEMENTS that will be placed against you and your name for non-repayment..

THEY ARE NOT LOAN SHARKS...they ARE REGLUATED BY YOUR STATE!! It is an A(grade) Loan Company, it is just a your Sun Loans or Economy Finance Loan Companies!!

They LENT YOU money when your BANKS AND CREDIT UNIONS wouldn't take a chance on you..

SO if the crime that is be committed here is GIVING PEOPLE CHANCES to change lives, then sure they are loan sharks and out for blood!!

No one MADE you sign your loan documents, and NO ONE made you NOT get the INSURANCE offered...

You all are over 18 which makes you each an adult...

Please act like one!


For Rosey, even if they repo your car you will still be responsible for any balance once the car is sold including repo fees and would have a repo on your credit. Also if your fail to pay they can take you to court for judgment which will lead to garnishment on any future wages, lien on any home you own, and a judgement that will stay on your credit until paid no matter how long it has been.

I have a hard time believing in 2 years in the area you live there is not a single job.

Even in the worse places fast food places are always hiring, grocery stores, resturaunts. Im not sure what you think $20 a month will do. The simple fact is you borrowed money, agreed to pay it back, and now are not doing as you gave your word and signed a contract to.

If you are that bad then file bk.

But be warned as some one who has done that several years back. Good luck getting a loan for the next 10 years (yes bk stays on credit 10 not 7 years) or getting a good job. Most co now do credit reports and will not hire if have bk on credit. My credit is great besides the bk 8 years ago and was told i had several jobs just need to do credit report then was told sorry we can not hire you because of your credit (even though is illegal not to hire because of bk).

They can refuse not to hire because of bad credit but not just for bk. I would say it would not matter in your case since i am sure this not the only bill your not paying and your credit is probably already destroyed. So a repo and bk would do more damage but your credit is already bad.

The only thing worse than bk is a judgment since it shows you failed to pay and they had to take you to court. Also it stays on your credit until paid off no matter how long and you have court cost, att fees and interest.


I am in the same situaion. We were making good money when we got the loan, I was in college and my husband was working construction.

Well, we didn't know the economy was going to take a ***, my husband got laid off, and has ran out of his unemployment benefits, and we both can't find work where we live, as about 300 people are applying for each job opening. So now we are on emergency cash assistance, a big whoppin $621/month. Guess what I don't think its ok I can't make a payment on my loan, its a matter of make a payment on my loan, or have water, garbage, power and diapers for my son. Citifinancial has 3 different offices calling me several times a week, I explain my situation, they want a minimum payment of $123/month, which I can't do, my rent is $400/month.

I have told them to take my car, which they have the title too, and was told it was too much paperwork. I offered $20/month until I could make higher pays and was told this was unrealistic. They keep saying my situation is being noted on my account, yet I have told them my situation 16 times or more and they still ask whats my situation.

People like me, who have always made there payments on time for the past 4 years, and all of a sudden can't becaue of their financial situation, don't think its ok not to pay their bills, they think they should be shown some mercy and leniency, until they are back on their feet. I hate that I can't make my payments and feel like citifinancial is forcing me into bankruptcy, because I can't mentally handle the phone calls anymore and explain my situation any more.


For Fighting Citifinancial Demons, I bet they were not demons when they gave you the money you needed. But now that they are asking you to be an adult and pay your bills their demons?? Maybe you should look in the mirror.


Maybe it called doing there job.


WOW! To feed your family or pay the demons!

I understand I am fighting them myself. Stay away from them!!

They are loan sharks, like getting a loan from the mafia!


You signed the contract now pay. If not they will be glad to sue for judgment on your credit (good luck ever getting credit again), garnish and current and future wages (to include interest, court cost, att fees) and put a judgement lien on your home so you can never sell or refi your home until the judgement is paid.

It is not harrasment to call your home every day (check FDCPA laws).

It is not their problem that you defaulted on your loan. GROW UP and pay your bills.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #223484

Pay your loan deadbeat, and the calls will stop!!!!

Allenton, Michigan, United States #223480

Be sure you tell the press about not making payments. People like you think because you dont have the money it is ok .Other people have problems too. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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