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What constitutes a 3rd party?

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They're delinquent! They're angry that there are consequences! But mostly it's just those annoying phone calls directly from your lender.

For clarity, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA):

FDCPA generally applies only to third party debt collectors"”not internal collectors for an "original creditor"

Is this organization a debt collector? Or does this organization produce loans, and subsequently service those loans?

Hint: this organization is NOT a debt collector. No, a debt collector will sue you and garnish your wages by the stroke of a pen.

Talk to the people reaching out to help you, or be prepared for real debt collection practices - not just phone calls.

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I totally understand that a late payment is a late payment. However, when I attempted to contact CitiMortgage when I began to get behind.


I got transferred around at least 5 times each time I called. I continued to send payments, but find it odd that in this economy when someone who had something happen that led to them getting behind actually IS TRYING to get caught up, that CITI just keeps giving them the run around.


Im sure the $5 was both a reduced minimum amount to help you, and/or the difference between credit bureau ratings. If you want to go 30+ days late or pay $5? Tip: 1 rating of anything but current ratings stay on your credit report for 7 years after the account is closed


Citifinancial harassed me via phone including my work and other contacts even after I told them when I was coming in to take care of the $5 they wanted so bad. If this was a person I would think they were insane.

Also I have been a customer for 4 years and been very reliable. My situation changed and when it came turn to contact me back they let it go and didn't contact me. Now I know when I need help they won't call but if it's a matter of them needing $5 then they'll go to town. My situation changed and they can't garnish Federal Work Study.

I'm going to pay them what I can and they can deal with it. If they don't want it?

Fine. And if they call over and over again I'll just remind them - "When the bottom drops, my life won't change a bit, but yours will turn to sh*t." Ever get the feeling your living in tomorrow's ashes?


Maybe all the customers complaining should take their negative energy and do something with it! Hey, I know, why don't you read your loan documents that show you in great detail and definition what all those big words mean that you obviously don't understand, like: Due date, grace period, etc. No one "made" you sign those papers and they were there for you when you needed the money so don't complain!

to SMB Metairie, Louisiana, United States #920440

SMB, Clearly You have not done business with them. They have and are known for changing fue dates, w/o notification, They are known for attempting to take their debit payment out before the agreed upon date, thus causing bank fees, they Lie and say that States require them to charge %15.00 dollars to take a phone payment, They constantly send accounts to different offices, They also ignore their own policy, and a lot more they have done.

I hope that you do not find yourself in a situation, You and others have no right to Judge anyone else.

Let me tell you Something else, I am a Disabled Desert Storm Veteran, on a fixed income, FYI because of the republicans and constant cuts in benefits and budgets companioes like CitiFinancial take advantage of them, seniors, veterans. So do your research, STOP JUDGING OTHERS, LEST THEE BE JUDGED


So ask yourself this. If someone borrows money from you, and they tell you they are going to pay you on a certain date, and they don't, how long will it take you to start calling them?

Any self employed people out there? When you do a service or sell something to someone do you expect to be paid timely when you send out an invoice?

The fact is that for some reason people think that because it's a bank, it doesn't matter that they have plenty of money.

I don't completely blame the company's that received bailout money. If more people paid their bills on time (shocker I know), instead of defaulting on them, maybe some banks wouldn't have had to receive bail out.



This person must be under the impression that they're not delinquent until they're reported 30+ days late to a credit reporting agency. I hate that mindset: "I'm not late, I've got 29 days left, I'm not late!" Where do people get this stuff?

No wonder it's late; can't understand why they're calling 1-29 day late accounts means you can't understand how to balance a budget.

Your timely payment is part of the business's budget. Make sense?


"One day late" … anybody else believe that is, by definition, "NOT DELINQUENT"???

If the payment is not made ON or BEFORE the DUE DATE then guess what - IT IS DELINQUENT! IT IS LATE!

Another point to ponder: are they calling to collect on the day after the DUE DATE, or is there a "GRACE PERIOD" before the calls start???

I'd love to hear your thoughts. A dictionary, thesaurus may help you.


A third party is a collection agency that did not originate the loan. Since citifinancial did originate the loan they are not a 3rd party collection agency. They can still due and garnish your wages, they are collecting a debt, but is not the 3rd party since they own the debt they are collecting!!


cookies changes it cause there was a name change among the company!! Duh!

and one day late is late if your contract reads that you will pay on a particular day!! Duh again......

and the only people on here complaining are the ones not paying there bills-- what makes any of you think its ok to steal money! if you borrow it you must pay it back on the tems that you agreed to in your contract, PERIOD!!

to ***cerned... Metairie, Louisiana, United States #920443

LOVE TO JUDGE OTHERS I SEE, Let me tell you and all you are throwing insults at these consumers, who are complaining about unprofessional business practices. What CitiFinancial is doing is illegal in most cases, Example, when I make an agreement to auto debit my account for the 5th of the month, that doesn't mean to debit the account on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, it means what it says the 5th, so now the customer is stuck with 4 NSF charges.


None of You have a right to Judge anyone writing about a company unethical business practices, and Secondly You Do Not Know their Issues or Situation, So Just back off, STOP the Name Calling


I would like to know why a computer cookie gets set FROM ONE MAIN- CITI FINANCIAL when you click on this review!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about dishonesty!!!!!!!!

One day late is NOT DELINQUENT and un-reportable by the same FDCPA you quote you liars!!!

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