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I have an account with Citifinancial. The due date on my bill is one month behind the due date online and the amount due on the bill is over 2X the amount due online.

When I call they say we are paid to the date online but you have to make a full payment by the date on the bill to stop interest.

I am still trying to figure this out because now there is a late fee on the notice - why when both due dates are past the last payment date. I need to know who can provide me a reply in English and explain if I am paid ahead why is there a late fee and why must I make a payment each month regardless of due date.

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They accrue your interest DAILY so even though your account is paid ahead (my next payment is not due until April 1) if you do not make at least the minimum payment every 30 days, you will accrue so much interest that you never actually pay anything towards the principle. I am going to do some research - I am not at all sure that what they are doing is legal. At the very least, it is deceptive lending practices.


It sounds like you are not paying the full payment on due date or before the end of the statement date. The statement date ends about 15 days after your due date.

So if you pay after statement date the next statement is not going to have the payment and will have wrong amount and due date.

I see this to much, people ask why does my statement have wrong date, when look at account they paid late and their payment was made after statement date. If you want your statement to be correct you need to pay on or before your due date as you agreed to do on your contract!!

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