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I have had my car loan with Citifinancial for three years, and have never missed a payment or been late. I was laid off in January of this year and have been diligent about making my payments on time. It's come to the point where I needed help. On October 6th I called and asked if I might be able to get a deferment on my payments, I was told that I didn't qualify however I would be able to do a "Payment Reduction Plan". The info would be faxed to me, I needed to fill it out and fax it back.

One week later NO fax. I called on the 13th to see what was going on. I was told that I didn't qualify for the "Payment reduction plan" Because, I am not late on my payments, I should call back after my due date and they might be able to help me. This didn't sound right so I asked to speak with a supervisor. Jennifer called me back a few hours later and was very understanding, she said she would talk with another supervisor, fax me the info for the reduction plan, and call me the next day to follow up.

Oct. 14th - NO FAX - NO CALL.

Oct. 15th I call and "Anne" says she doesn't know Jennifer however I do qualify for a ONE month deferral. What??? I asked to speak with a supervisor. "Carl Johnson" would call me back. October 16th - NO FAX - NO CALL from CARL Or JENNIFER. I speak with Steven this time and now I can have a TWO month deferral. I tell him that I need to speak with a supervisor, I need to find out what I REALLY qualify for. He will have someone return my call.

October 19th - NO CALL !!! So, I decide I will send an email to the customer service department, I explain the situation, put names and dates of the people I have talked with, I requested that someone call me. ONE WEEK LATER I get an email response and it says "Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your recent inquiry.For security reasons, we cannot access or provide personal account information via email request. Electronic mail sent through the internet is not secure and could be intercepted by a third party. In order to assist you please call our Customer Service Department at the number 1-800-486-1750.Thanks and Regards Customer Service Department" WHAT ??? You have got to be kidding me. I asked for a call and they want me to call the same # that I have called for three weeks without any results?

So, being the fool that I apparently am. I call, I get Harresh, I tell him I want a supervisor, he wants my info, after four responses with my personal info I tell him he has enough the info hasn't changed in three weeks and I want a supervisor, he connects me with Christie, she's not a supervisor , I again ask for her superior and I get " Ms. Turner". She asked what the situation was. I read her the email that I had sent and then asked how she could help. She seemed to not understand or comprehend the situation and said she would put in a request and I would have an answer within 24 - 48 hours. I told her that I hadn't gotten a response in the last three weeks what makes me believe that I will this time. She was obviously flustered and did not answer my questions so I asked for her supervisor, she told me she was the "team lead" and her decision was final. I again asked to speak with a superior and the next thing I hear is music, then I get "MS. TURNER'S voice mail. I could not believe that she couldn't finish our conversation and purposefully put me into her email. WHAT IS SHE PLANNING ON CALLING ME BACK???? Hmmmm... since I haven't gotten other calls this is highly doubtful. I am so frustrated, I just don't know where to turn. ALL I AM ASKING FOR IS HELP AND THE CORRECT INFO.

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they wont help you unless you go behind on payments and once that happens they wont help you unless you're current on payments!

damned if you do and damned if you dont. good luck with them, ive been battling them since i was laid off in mid september.


ive given up on them. i just gonna go total the car and let them take the loss and ill take the ding on my insurance...its cheaper and wont have to deal with them since i have loan payoff insurance....f--- it!!!

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