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I was mistreated by the Assistant Center Manager Brittany Brittian. She called me a few weeks ago concerning a garnishment. She had been on a maternity leave for a few months and was unaware of my account current status. The purpose of her call was to resolve the garnishment by allowing me to work out a payment plan. A few minutes in to the conversation she decided to become reckless and unprofessional. At that point we started to exchange words. A few weeks prior, I received another garnishment from CitiFinical stating that I owe 1952.19 and she was calling to tell me that I owe nearly 3000.00 dollars. The last conversation that I had with anyone from that office was concerning me canceling my insurance that I had on the loan. At this time, I was told that this was going to lower the loan as well. I did not request for the garnishment to be stopped and that is what I was trying to explain to her. At that point, she started to upset because NO ONE from that office notified me about a miss calculation on their part. Per their policy, I should have been notified and someone should have taken the time to explain and apologize for the error on their part. I have spoken to the manger Mike who was very aggressive toward. I have also spoken to the regional manger Donna, who does was useless. I contacted her three two times and she still has not follow-up.

Presently, I am waiting on hard copies from HR at both of my jobs (OHSU and Providence) and my bank statement. I have all intention of filing a challenge of garnishment once I have all of the information that I need. Cleary, CitiFinical are capable of making mistakes. This garnishment has been re-served at least 3 times and each time the amount seems not to be adding up. Per my Providence payroll information I have paid 1403.70 in 2011 and 978.17 in 2012 (total of 2381.97). This is what OHSU has on file.

Aug 30, 2011 the amount was 4774.82

Jan 18,2012 the amount was 5367.16

Feb 9,2012 the amount was 1952.19

I am still waiting on how much was garnish for this payroll.

At this point, I just want a piece of mind and want to pay what I truly owe. I truly believe that their calculations are not accurate at all. I under that the loan has interest and other fees involved however, I do not understand an additional 1000.00 just in the matter of 3-5 months.

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for anyone with a Citifinancial car loan and or personal or home loan I would advise to get a payment history, ledger, showing what you've been paying. We found on ours transactions missing after cash payments showing late fees when we were not late, because the Branch Manager is the one in charge of your account.

They want you to lose your car or home because they benefit from it.

They backtrack on your payments so your statements are different from the ledger. Alot of bookeeping fraud especially in Kingman and Phoenix AZ.

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