I got a loan for 3000 from citifinancial in march 2011 it's now almost 2 yrs later and I called to see when it was gonna be done as I have already paid 4000 and they told me I still owe 2800 this is rediculous...they r charging me over double the amount that I took out ....if there r any good lawyers out there that can help me please...I am a single mom and can not afford this ***...I am not happy and will never go to or recomend citifinancial to anybody ...they r a complete rip off !!!

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Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I am looking for dsomeone that can help me to fight this citi financial group. Frankly I am not leaving my home, I do belive 35 years is enough time to deserve some time.

910 583 8548 910 884 6811 my name is Rodney and I can be contacted at either of these numbers.

They will put the fire out before I leave this home in abandonment. Real ***

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #795354

Contact your MP and push for laws against Predatory Lenders, look up what Predatory Lending is and you will see that is what Citifinancial. Contact the Newspapers and see if they will do stories on Predatory Lenders anything you can think of will help. Good luck to you because you have another 10 years to deal with these people that's how they work,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #786440

I'm trying to get a petition together to have laws changed regarding predatory lenders which is what CitiFinancial is but I need people to share their stories with me, I can tell what happen to me but that won't be enough I need others to come forward. If you live in Canada and have had the same type of dealings with CitiFinancial please e-mail me at donna.borden994(at)hotmail.com and tell me your story so that we can make these people pay for what they are doing, they are breaking the laws and no one is making them be accountable for what they are doing.


I know the feeling. I took out a $10K loan and am paying $450 a month.

It's been 10 months now and I've paid $4,500 but $3000 of my payments have gone to interest! I've only paid down $1500. This will be the last loan I ever take from Citi (I had no other choice ... bank refused me).

By the way, I only needed $4K to pay off a credit card, but they told me that they couldn't give me $4K but later came back offering $10K to get the debt off another Mastercard paid off.

*** me ... I took the offer.

Albany, New York, United States #621115

After doing a mortgage refinance and getting a zero balance on the old mortgage they came back and told us we still owed $2,000 dollars on the old mortgage. by time they got done we received a statement for $20,000.

A few months later we received a foreclosure notice. Forced to get an attorney wasted our time and money in the Supreme, Appellate and Appeal courts in Albany NY a place where justice goes to the highest bidder.

In the court papers from the Appellate court they said the foreclosure was started because we still olwed on a credit life insurance policy taken out on the old loan. I don't know about other states but the court system in NY is a joke and Citifinancial got a good laugh on us.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #605056

The cost of your loan was disclosed on the contract you agreed to and signed, no lawyer can do anything to change that - If you can afford your payment then you can afford to repay your loan as you agreed when you borrowed the money. Just because now you don't WANT to repay the interest you agreed to in the beginning doesn't mean that you are being ripped off.

I am sure citifinancial was effiecent with fast, friendly service when you took the loan and I bet no other institution would have approved you like they did, so I'm sure them lending you the money helped tremendously when you needed it.

Look back at the contract you signed. If you didn't want to have to repay it as per your agreement then you shouldn't have signed the contract or cashed the cheque.

to Calgary Girl Toronto, Ontario, Canada #750527

Your a PIG, you clearly work for them and want to protect your job since you can't get a proper job and your a scammer.

to Tammy #768105

What she gave you is sound advice I have had a loan with them and paid back with no problem. Right on the top of the loan it showed how much I would pay back.

you should always read before you sign!! Just because you are not educated does not give you the right to be so rude..

to READ before you SIGN Toronto, Ontario, Canada #785125

She was the one being rude and disrespectful these people are criminals and should be locked up and good for you being able to pay them off because that is all but impossible for most I tried paying them off for almost 10 years paying them over $24,000 on a $10,000 and they still wanted more I later found out that they actually refinanced my loan without my knowledge or consent. My goal now is to have these people shown as Predatory Lenders.

to Tammy Maple Heights, Ohio, United States #934096

We have all the same problems, they do it to everyone. Some Lawyer needs to step up and start a lawsuit against them.

We would be first in line seeing how they changed our 10 year loan into a 20 year loan. He went over a 10 year loan with us and after we agreed to it he said he would go make copies and be right back. He flipped through the papers so fast for us to sign, after all we had just went over them with him. but it wasn't the same papers he added 10 years to it.

We didn't catch it within the 3 days and by the time we noticed it guess what it's too late.Loan started out 18,000 in 2005 now 10 years later it is still over 14,000. Now they canceled our Credit Life and Disability insurance. Why the Government allows this is beyond me.

They want to get into our checking account so bad to get the payments but that will never happen. I have to pay it on line just to get proof they get it on time which they always do.But if I mail it ( Which will never happen again) they post it the day after it is due.Some Lawyer Please Help all these people who are getting taken advantage of.

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