The people at Citifinancial Services in Madison TN are nothing but a bunch of Wolves!!

You pay an arm and a leg in interest to them and if you are just a couple of days late on one payment they will call all of your phone numbers 20 times per day!!!

Then if you ask them to send you something that you need they never do!!!! Don't ever use their services, ever!!!

They will be your best buddy when you sign your life away to them but you get just a few hours late on a payment and they will hound you to your grave!!

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Citifinancial in Madison Tn, is a liquidation center who does not even make loans. Your account was transferred there from a one Main Branch that deemed your account a problem that they no longer wished to have in their

lending portfolio, due to late payments.

Citifinancial is staffed with loss mitigators whose only job is to help you to liquidate your acct and have it paid off as soon as possible.

Here's a hint... if you pay your bill on time, they will never, ever call you !


The reason they call you is to prevent you from paying your other leg and arm in interest.

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