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So I know they have horrible rates and I knew that when I signed up So that is not my complaint I have been paying for 2 years now and recently I went to school to better my education I only missed on car payment So when I got a new job I tried to change my due date I have done that every month since july now they give me a conformation code and tell me its be changed then I go to make payment and they charged me 5 dollars every day i was late i told them i changed my date and they say well it didnt go through well if it didnt go through shouldnt someone have called me to let me know now if the would have told me in july that my date couldnt be changed i would have figured out a way to pay but they didnt instead every month they have say that the account has been fixed when it hasnt u would think with how high there intrest rates are that they would treat there customers good instead they make my life *** by hanging up on me when i ask to speak to a manager saying they will call back You know if someone would just tell me what is going on wit my account I would be very please but they dont so know I am contacting a lawyer anyone who is about to sign up for a loan with these people dont and for all the people who have reviewed this company please report to the bbb for all the horrible reviews they have they dont have one complaint with the bbb also the bbb has tried to get a hold of them and they dont even call them back well i refuse to let these people get a way with what they r doing i am going to do what ever is in my power to bring this company down unless they fix my problem and apologize for wasting my time

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i have called customer service number all the time and i have asked to speak with supervisors and instead of transferring me they decide to hang up on me and this has happened at least 5times. There is nothing more to the situation they r the worst company ever after 7 months of changing my date they finally actually changed it after i threaded a lawyer i dont mind paying a high interest rate but if i am paying so much they should treat me better and actually take the time to help


I know how you feel. I always pay over the phone and set my payment up for the 27th of February.

They actually didn't take the payment out of my account until March 18th! It totally made no sense to why they waited for an additional two weeks to actually take it out of my account. I've also had challenging issues with the employees. It seems that each employee is doing whatever they want.

I tried to set up an online payment, one employee said it was set up, the next month I started getting the payment was late (even though I set it up automatically) and I called and found out that it wasn't set up.

I tried again to set it up with that employee and the EXACT thing happened the next month. The employees are not trained, obviously, and they are not very helpful.


Sounds like there is more to this situation...however, you can look at anything you want online for your account. And if you look at your bill, there is a customer service number...if you cant get answers from there, why would you not call it? Or a branch in another location?

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