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My husband borrowed money from Citi Financial before we met, 2 years ago he had it all paid off, after literally paying over $8,000 in interest, more then the actual amount borrowed. 2 years ago the paper work they sent in to Equifax was incorrectly filled and did not get cleared from our credit rating.

Now trying to buy a house and finding out it is still listed as an amount owing we were furious. We called asking for a letter stating it was cleared to be faxed to our bank. They hadn't faxed it 2 days later so I called again, giving them the number again, did they say the fax wouldn't go through at the time, NO. Over the week and weekend still no fax received we called again, same story, they don't tell us the fax number doesn't accept it, they just keep faxing to the same number apparently...

So if the fax number doesn't work, then why not call us for a different number, or when we call to complain let us know that the banks fax number we gave them is not working so we can provide a different number. Finally a few days later I call again, now red in the face, steam coming out my ears, give them a different fax number without being told that number wasn't working, and told them to learn to fill out the paper work properly and do their jobs! The office calls me back after the fax went through, said to get MY facts straight before calling that the other number didn't work... Whole time not knowing the number didn't work as for almost 2 weeks of phone calls they didn't mention anything!!!

She continues in saying I have no right in being mad, and that she has better things to do then talk to a customer that has already finished paying their bill.

All in all I would say worst company I've dealt with and I wasn't the one borrowing money, I feel for those who have to deal with these people.

At the end of the conversation I said we'd never deal with them again, she replied with "You're right, you never will, don't ever call back" and hung up. Poor customer service, all they had to do was once out of the at least 6 calls made between us, tell us the fax number won't work!

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I had a car loan through CitiAuto Financial. It was the worst experience I have ever had.

My credit report is sewed because of them. I have tried taking action including reporting it to the near hightest authority however they will not do anything until they receive a massive number of reports. Not fair to the consumer.

My last option is to take them to court at a cost to me unless I win. Very situation.

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