After paying these *** artists almost 3 years (on a $5000 loan), I still owe them $4372! Really? If you are out there, don't ever use these people! Please learn from my mistake. It is just not worth it! You will be in a bigger bind than you were in before you got the loan! Please beware! Houston consumer.

The payback is so high that the interest rate you are given is incorrect, and it is very high! Mine was 29.65%, but $628 towards principle after three years, come on, really? Again, my advise is to stay away!

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citifinacial auto has not yet informed me of some spanish bank santander consumer usa of carring my auto loan, as i was checking my credit report i see this new company on it not me i told them, said i was late on payment..i sent my payment to citifinancial was not transferred over so they said i was late...they haven't even contacted me about it i called them they said citifinacial auto is no longer a company they bought them out. yet citifinancial is still offering loans whats up


Uneducated borrowers do not deserve to borrow money. They are happy when they leave with a check the get pissed when they have to pay it back. You people are a major part of our economy right now.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #185285

How many years is your loan financed on? Have you paid each payment on time?

Is the interest pre-computed or interest bearing?

Please don't sign on the line for a loan at 30% and then complain about interest. Of course you will pay a lot of interest.

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